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1000 Mozart Waltzes - Never Before Heard!

(Transcribed for guitar)

In March 2008 I made made some enhancements to my web pages on the Musikalisches Wuerfelspiel (Musical Dice Game) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rather than simply inviting everyone back to the updated web pages, I figured, why not crank out a big, fresh batch of waltzes?

So here are 1000 waltzes composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but which have never been heard before - at least, not before March 2008.

If this has you at all baffled, please visit my main page for Mozart's Musikalisches Wuerfelspiel. It will explain everything. It also has a link to the program which randomly generates these waltzes, and provides directions for printing the guitar tablature out nicely.

Each of the 100 following pages contains 10 never-before-heard Mozart waltzes. Grab your guitar and jump in anywhere!

Walzer_set_00   Walzer_set_01   Walzer_set_02   Walzer_set_03   Walzer_set_04   Walzer_set_05   Walzer_set_06   Walzer_set_07   Walzer_set_08   Walzer_set_09   Walzer_set_10   Walzer_set_11   Walzer_set_12   Walzer_set_13   Walzer_set_14   Walzer_set_15   Walzer_set_16   Walzer_set_17   Walzer_set_18   Walzer_set_19   Walzer_set_20   Walzer_set_21   Walzer_set_22   Walzer_set_23   Walzer_set_24   Walzer_set_25   Walzer_set_26   Walzer_set_27   Walzer_set_28   Walzer_set_29   Walzer_set_30   Walzer_set_31   Walzer_set_32   Walzer_set_33   Walzer_set_34   Walzer_set_35   Walzer_set_36   Walzer_set_37   Walzer_set_38   Walzer_set_39   Walzer_set_40   Walzer_set_41   Walzer_set_42   Walzer_set_43   Walzer_set_44   Walzer_set_45   Walzer_set_46   Walzer_set_47   Walzer_set_48   Walzer_set_49   Walzer_set_50   Walzer_set_51   Walzer_set_52   Walzer_set_53   Walzer_set_54   Walzer_set_55   Walzer_set_56   Walzer_set_57   Walzer_set_58   Walzer_set_59   Walzer_set_60   Walzer_set_61   Walzer_set_62   Walzer_set_63   Walzer_set_64   Walzer_set_65   Walzer_set_66   Walzer_set_67   Walzer_set_68   Walzer_set_69   Walzer_set_70   Walzer_set_71   Walzer_set_72   Walzer_set_73   Walzer_set_74   Walzer_set_75   Walzer_set_76   Walzer_set_77   Walzer_set_78   Walzer_set_79   Walzer_set_80   Walzer_set_81   Walzer_set_82   Walzer_set_83   Walzer_set_84   Walzer_set_85   Walzer_set_86   Walzer_set_87   Walzer_set_88   Walzer_set_89   Walzer_set_90   Walzer_set_91   Walzer_set_92   Walzer_set_93   Walzer_set_94   Walzer_set_95   Walzer_set_96   Walzer_set_97   Walzer_set_98   Walzer_set_99  


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