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Antarctica land claim

No biggie, but since nobody has claimed the part of Antarctica between 90 degrees west and 150 degrees west, I'll take it. My ownership went into effect December 6, 1997, this web page serving as official notice to the world.

Attention, CIA: please update your World Factbook to reflect this finalization of the matter.

Understand that this claim is not symptomatic of any sort of imbalance or megalomania on my part. I'm not even going to name it anything, much less after me. Think of it as merely wrapping up a loose end. The only thing that I impose on the area is a system of government: unarchy.

I also have no notion of financial gain, although I am willing to sell my chunk of Antarctica in one-degree pie slices for $10,000 apiece. The only stipulation is that you retain the current system of government, and that this stipulation be written into every sales contract down the line.


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Helpful keywords not in the main text: cia = central intelligence agency.

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