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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words

Thanksgiving Memories, or
Notes of Nostalgia featuring "Ruth"

What was the most outstanding thing about our Thanksgiving meals over at Ed and Louise's? Why it was Ruth's succotash. That's what it was. That's corn and limas. And not 1 lima and 10 corns, but half and half. And one time Ruth sent pure limas. Please excuse the damp paper here, my mouth is watering.

And then the wild & crazy things we did after eating. Unforgettable is the time Ruth had brought her hang glider for our amusement. So we all get up on Ed and Louise's house top and took turns gliding down to that intersection of Doves Cove and some other street and then we walked back and some one else glided. Ruth was the only one who could take off and glide awhile and land right back up on the roof. A perfect landing every time except the one landing when she knocked Jane and Cleo off the side of the roof. No problem though. They landed right in a nice pyracantha bush. Just a little scratchy. Pete, he could soar second best. He tried to return to the roof after soaring awhile and would have made it if he had a few more feet of altitude. He hit the rain gutter and hung there real good until a fifty foot section came loose and fell down. He too landed on a nice soft pyracantha bush. Ed's home owner's policy covered the damage. He has a U.F.O. clause that covers incidents like that.

Another time which was quite interesting was the turtle riding day. Ruth and Ed had been canoeing over at Loch Raven and Ruth said "Let's row out to that island." And Ed said O.K. Well, to make a long story short, it was not an island. It was just a large turtle floating there and Ruth grabbed the anchor chain and lassoed its head and they got it to shore. Then they had a front end loader lift it on a flat bed and brought it to Ed's house for Thanksgiving afternoon fun. We took turns riding the turtle. Like four or 5 adults per turn or 6 or 8 kids. Of course Ruth rode all the time. She steered. She straddled the turtle's neck and guided it with the reigns. This went all quite well until the turtle's feet got sore. Said something about not being used to walking on blacktop.

"Ruth to the Rescue!"

Remember how the food had to be rushed downstairs on Thanksgiving day? All these platters and dishes going past the lunks watching football. And youngsters in their efforts to be helpful carried a lot of this hot food down. Well one of the kids, Janeen, I think, she whipped between the TV and the old men watching and tripped over somebody's foot. Pete's, I think. She was carrying a big, big bowl of gravy and she went sprawling and the gravy went flowing right into the hallway. Well Ruth didn't do nothing but run to the garage, get a big tub and Ed's cement trowel. And Ruth held the tub right at the edge of the first step there and as the gravy came, Ruth troweled it right in the tub. Didn't lose 3 table spoons full.

Ruth, our wish for you is that you enjoy yourself no end in Florida. But if things get a little slack, just think of the hang gliding and turtle rides and gravy spills and smile.

Aug 1987


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