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Temporary section for those who attended Pop's memorial service (Feb 23 2013)

Memories from a son unaccustomed as he is to public speaking: I learned very early that Pop could do anything, and do it best. Take scooping for example. When I was a little kid, I watched Pop run across and scoop up a toddler right in the path of a bunch of big kids hurtling down the gigantic slide at Braddock Heights. Just like Superman would have done. And I always knew that, no matter how dark it was, or how murky the water, or how much seaweed there was, or how quick or sneaky the crab was, Pop would always "get his man." Never missed. Most of the time a doubler.

Generosity, and a wager: Something my father did I bet you never did - give away a house. The renters of the house in Baltimore had been good tenants for so long that one day Pop asked Mom, "Is it all right with you if we just give them the house?" It took her by surprise, but Mom caught her breath and came right back with, "Fine with me!"

Equal time from one who should know: "I really don't believe there is another human being, now living, or who has lived here in this world, who would have 'stuck it out' with me through all that Benton has had to put up with and cope with as a result of being married to me!" (Jane Sauter, Dec 1 1987.)

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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words

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