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You And Me For President, 2012. No matter the year, always trying to plug pure democracy. It's the way to go.

Kumon faq (frequently asked questions) - emails I received in response to the above page, and my honest responses.

Doubting Saint Chuck - selected commentary on Intelligent Design in the wake of the Dover school board case, Oct 2005. My pick from among thousands and thousands of articles.

The Beatles in Yobyalp - Some kids' magazine from the '60s or something?

The Human Race Is Special - proof positive.

Monopoly - some thoughts on the classic game, with a few "house rule" suggestions.

Guitar fingerings - all my thoughts on the notation of guitar fingering, the notation of guitar harmonics, etc.

Playboy goes to the opera! All the opera mentions in the magazine's first 10 years, 1954-1964.

My opera records. This catalog could conceivably answer an opera question or two. Also, I've created a Master Index to my opera reference book collection, an idea that others might find useful.

Simplified piano notation - a simple proposal that makes playing piano simpler than typing.

Roofball - a new sport. Get started now; don't be left in the rain at the 2076 Olympics.

The most this and that in my life. Not necessarily big deals, mind you.

A 1000 words I needed to look up. Compare your word power with a common bloke.

Beatle Significa - a gearfab question and answer game. Some dare call it trivia.

The Beatles in National Geographic magazine. That shouldn't take long. Now with pictures.


Etude in e minor (The Great). Warning - after you've played this, there's nothing left.

Minuetto from Falstaff - Amelie Luigi's very nice transcription (1895) of a very nice minuetto in Verdi's opera, Falstaff.

The Galop of the Goblins - a fun piece by American guitarist Walter Faye Lewis, plus everything you need to know about the (spooky) Neapolitan sixth chord.

Alternate tunings for the guitar - up to G(!) for Bach's violin music; open tunings; Russian guitar.

Guitar society thoughts - let's have a guitar party!

Guitar ramble - a hodge-podge of thoughts.

Computers and arranging for guitar - they should be smart enough for that.

New words in the English language - a nice, clear look at what's been added in the last ten years or so, that is, from around 1995 to around 2005.

Our Director March - the case for "low-brow" music.

Password, the home version - a lost cause? NO! Here are the rule fixes.

A Profile in Courage - it took a big person...

Ringo's Beaucoups Of Blues album - a few reminiscences from country music artist Sorrells Pickard.

UFOs I have seen - 'strewth.

The Yellow Submarine movie, and the brains behind it. Did the Beatles contribute more to the movie than we think?


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