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Conversations with me, No. 3
Email highlights, ca. Sep 1997

Dedicated to the proposition that every thought that's ever been thunk may be of use or interest to someone . . .

THEE: My Beatle quote (and maybe it was from '64) was "one of the papers, 
you see"--Mac discussing the plague of jelly babies on a Christmas record.

I read one of the lamest ever articles in "Beatlefan" today.  From
early this year, it was the one where Hself proposed reconfiguring
all the LPs from 1967 on.  

THEE: Did a search on DONALD SAUTER the other night, in an unsuccessful
effort to find your web page.  All I got was the poem your NASA friend
wrote about you involving your acquisition of the Hunters and Collectors
LP.  See, there's still plenty I need to learn about you.

You have three Emitt Rhoads LPs?  Do I ever spell his name right?
[Emitt Rhodes]

THEE: I think Don's of the opinion that if a guitar ensemble piece 
can't be played close to what it ought to be within the first few times
then one will never be able to play it (?).  I'm of the opinion 
that certain pieces take alot of work (working at it day every day for
months even) before it comes together.  This has been my experience.

THEE: Date: Mon Sep 8 1997

Did you see the Sunday Post comics?  "Liberty Meadows" is a must-keep. 
I think I have a copy.

Geocities is home to the only page I've found dedicated to French
actress Romy Schneider and thus I approve of it.

ME: Just got back from my friend Norm's in Dale City.  It's 
about 1:30 am.  Had to report on another rockin' McDonald's 
experience and make you jealous.  It turns out I was wrong 
last time - the Wurlitzer is still free!!!  You just have to push 
the 0 button harder; which I didn't do last time, causing it not 
to crank up the song and making me think you had to put money in it.  

It's really loaded with Beach Boys - and Beatles of course.  Probably 
12 or so records are colored vinyl.  Cool, eh?  Best for me 
was a song called Georgie Porgie by Jewel Akens which sounds 
just like the A-side, Birds And The Bees (no. 3 in 1965).  What a 

THEE: These deaths are starting to bum me out.  First, Derek Taylor 
and now Burgess Meredith.  RIP, Penguin.  Frankly, Derek and Burgess 
have had bigger impacts on my life than Diana and Mother T., or Mobutu 
or Sir George Solti.

THEE: A group of us were discussing computers in schools and one guy, 
Hself (early 40's), said that, when he was in high school, he got to take
a deck of cards out to an IBM facility and run the program.  This reminded
me of you, so I asked him where he grew up.  He said Woodlawn; the school
was Woodlawn High School.  I asked him the name of his junior high school,
but he couldn't remember.  I asked him if he knew a Donald Sauter.  He
thought for a second and said he thought maybe.  What schools did you go 
to?  Weren't they something like Featherbed Lane Elementary and Johnnycake 
Road Junior High? 

Wonder of wonders.  I was in a bookstore and I saw that Musician magazine
had an article on Peter Green (of early Fleetwood Mac) (AKA Petey Green to
certain cultural Cretans).  I bought the magazine and read the article,
only to find out that Green had returned to the music field, was touring,
and had released an album.  (His psychiatric problems have abated somewhat,
although he still seems to have a shaky hold on reality.)  I searched the
web for the group he recorded with and discovered a number of links to
Peter Green sites; he apparently still has quite a following in England. 
Ahhh, there are still some things right in the world!  :)

ME: Heard a famous pop tune the other day.  It goes "Billlllll, I love 
you so.  I always will."  Poetically speaking, who does that remind you 
of?  I mean, who would rhyme "so" and "will"?

Believe it or not, I got a Washington Post delivered on my lawn today.  They 
want my business, it seems.  That was a great article on D5 (Sep 11 1997).  
Do you think we'll go to war with Haiti over Navassa Island?

THEE: Subject: You Won't Believe It - I Didn't!

Darned if I didn't get the following hit on my web site: /alex/music/pwpoem.html [09/12/97 01:11:56] 
    {Connection: Keep-Alive}
    {User-Agent: Mozilla/3.0 (Macintosh; I; PPC)}
    {Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, */*} 

Nahhh, they probably meant "hunters and gatherers".

"pwpoem.html" is my Beatles poem that lets the whole world know what an
ungrateful wretch you are!


> So many obscurities in your message!  It must be Belinda!  (My ears 
do get very waxy, however.)

No way.  She'd look pretty dumb with those bangs.  

> Alex who?

My friend from GE.  Whose site you stumbled on while searching for "donald sauter".
Which means, of course, he's got your number now.  He just sent me a message 
saying somebody hit his site looking for "hunters and collectors" - the 
group whose album Alex took me to the U of M to pick up after I won it 
from WMUC.  The claim is that I was and have remained an ungrateful wretch 
for that act of kindness.

> Rhyming "so" and "will"?  Haven't a clue.

It's only occurring to me now that you can find an accent to rhyme 
anything, I guess.

> "You're only a girl" in the PS.  Haven't a clue.

Man alive, the greatest rhyme from the greatest line from the greatest 
song by the greatest rock artist ever.  Something about walking down 
Headcoat Ln.  "What do you *know*?  Your only a *girl*?"  See?  Perfect 

I was very disappointed by the turnout today at the guitar society 
meeting.  I thought what with the special occasion and the promotion we did 
we'd be packed.  Right now I'm feeling like it's been 6 years of beating my 
head against a wall.  We offer guitarists a grand time for free 
on a silver platter and there are no takers.

THEE: Thanks for answering my questions.  I still don't know who the woman
singer on your answering machine is.  You're not saying it's Keely
Smith, are you?

My face is red for not recognizing the awesome "Headcoat Lane" rhyme.

ME: Subject: Pooey on octothorps.

ME: Hmmm... I thought you were toying with me.  The song snippet was 
from the album of the decade so far, the singer was positively 
Phranc.  The preceding line was "And your wives said they never 
knew it really was a woman they were married to..."  Pretty 
powerful stuff, I think.  


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