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Forward . . .

. . . march!

(And all these years you thought I was spelling "foreword" wrong. Ha!)

I'd like to think that this collection of web pages is rather wide-ranging. I hope some of it, at least, will be useful to you, or maybe thought-provoking. When I started work on this web site in 1997, I made a conscious effort not to look too closely at other web sites, so as not to be too influenced by what other people do. I hope that a touch of freshness or originality comes through here.

Even in the case of topics which may look to be extremely special-interest - such as guitar accessory carrying cases or guitar right-hand fingerings - I have attempted to include interesting and entertaining material for everybody.

I apologize for the lack of bells and whistles. No I don't. That's the sort of guy I am - not very visual. I don't own a television or a camera, even. Now, you won't hear me going overboard claiming that a word is worth a thousand pictures. But a sentence is.

(Times do change. At the end of 1999 I started adding pertinent images on a few pages. There has been no popular demand for a picture of me - not a single request - so you can safely avoid one of me climbing Mt. Washington in New Hampshire by not clicking there. Or this one of me and some students at Seabrook Elementary School in Prince Georges County, Maryland.)

(It gets weirder! In August 2009 I bought a cheap digital camera, but just to shoot completed Scrabble games with so I could process them later. At this rate, you can expect me to have a cell phone by sometime in 2076.)

You can find a "profile" of me, including a couple more pictures and some of what goes on in my head, in a newspaper article from 2006 called "Meet Your Neighbor".

There's no hiding the fact that I'm not a writer, so if anything is unclear, or you think it could be stated better, please tell me. Also inform me of any HTML goofs. You see things with your modern browser that I don't with text-only Lynx. [In 2003 I was forced to buy a modern computer, and had to make the step down to Internet Explorer at that time. Since then I have made no progress getting used to the garishness, busy-ness, crowdedness, messiness, ugliness, and confusion of web pages. Would somebody please design a browser that undoes everything that web designers do?]

Regarding copyright: I am the copyright holder of the material in this website. As such, I grant you permission - heck, I encourage you - to disseminate anything you find here. Go ahead and make money off of it, even (except for the Beatle Significa game and the rules for Scrabble II.) A bit of credit is enough for me. Thanks.

Donald Sauter.


I thank guitar-friend Bev Ross for forcing me - if not kicking and screaming, at least very unenthused - into the e-world. Obviously, I couldn't live without it now, and I still view the internet as beyond science fiction - but that doesn't mean I have to be happy with it!


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