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Gordy the Snowman -
Look who blew in with the blizzard of February 2010!

Oldtimers will never forget the snows on the east coast during the winter of 2009-2010. We had a BIG one a week before Christmas, 2009. Then there was another BIG one the last weekend of January, 2010. Then there was a RECORD SETTER one week later. And then, there was a real BLIZZARD a few days after that!

During the blizzard, a funny fellow landed on my roof at 109 Gordon Place, in Dover, Delaware. Turns out his name was Gordon P. P. P. Snowman - Gordy for short - and he was my household genius (definition 4, American Heritage Fourth Edition) for the remainder of his life. In fact, he graciously served as the tutelary snowman for all of Persimmon Park Place.

Here are a couple of views of Gordy very shortly after his arrival:

  Gordy the Snowman - newborn. (Click to enlarge.)
Gordy the Snowman - newborn. (Click to enlarge.)

  Gordy - artistic view. (Click to enlarge.)
Young Gordy - artistic view. (Click to enlarge.)

Here's a slide show of Gordy keeping watch over you as you stroll through Persimmon Park Place about a week after the blizzard. Notice the flurries on your walk down; notice how Gordy spruced himself up a bit for your walk back.

(Click to start slide show.)

But, as they say, "Ashes to ashes, slush to slush . . . "

Gordy came and went like a hailstorm. He packed more living in his ten days than most snowmen do in two. Here he is, pouring (yes, pouring) everything he's got into his final scene:

  Death of a snowman . . . (Click to enlarge.)
Death of a snowman . . . (Click to enlarge.)

It was great, Gordy - come again next year!


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Snowman fact 1: 1 snowman day = 10 people years.
Snowman fact 2: Delaware newspapers are clueless when it comes to fun snow pictures. Which is why I had to work up this stupid page...

Note to potential visitors: do NOT expect to find all the lyrics to "frosty the snowman" here. "Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul..."

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