This easy-to-read modern tablature should be completely faithful to Gaspar Sanz's original tablature. Let me know of any errors you find. Donald Sauter.

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Short ID:  GS23c
Title:     La Buelta.
Composer:  Gaspar Sanz.
Source:    Instruccion; tomo 2; page 3.
Date:      1697.
Facsimile: Minkoff, 1976.

Tuning:    Baroque guitar (A D G B E).
Time sig:  3.

Fixes, modifications and comments (M=Measure; p=Place in measure; s=String): 

Explanation of symbols: 
  " = trill, generally starting on upper neighbor. 
  # = vibrato.
  , = mordent, main note to lower neighbor and back to the main note.

Octave doublings: If you play this on a modern guitar, consider adding or 
  substituting the octave above any note played on the 4th or 5th string. 

Leading measures in Sanz's original tablature:
  1.  Last measure is 8.  (All on one line.) 

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                                  La Buelta.                               GS23c: Page 1 of 1.
  Baroque guitar (A D G B E).  Leading measures: 1.                               Gaspar Sanz.

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