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Guestbook 1 - the first 3 years

The entries in my first guestbook range from September 1997 to May 2000. A few entries after that date were added by me from miscellaneous emails. You should be able to find some "in-ner-resting reading" here. (That's what my grandfather called the local newspaper.) Plowing through from the top is not necessarily the best plan of attack; maybe some of the most fun comments are the earlier ones, when the web was a new and fresher experience for a lot of people (and they thought my guestbook questions were still funny.)

Note: There is about a year gap between this guestbook and the currently active one. In June 2000 I had to deny the public direct access to my guestbook when some lunatic started making up a bunch of dumb stuff about me. Maybe now he's found something better to do, or at least is running out of steam. In any case, it looks like geocities/yahoo have implemented a new guestbook that lets the owner approve entries. Too bad something like that should be needed...


[ Retorts by me are in brackets like this. This first one's just a template for my own use. DS]

Name: Greg Sandell
Date: Nov 15 2000

I wrote once before saying this, but can I just say again... You have an excellent site and thanks for putting it on the web.

[You're quite welcome, Greg. I wish more people would dump their brains on the web. DS]

Name: Julie
Date: Dec 24 2000
Subject: Beatle Significa game

Hi Donald,

My games arrived yesterday. You and your site have been the most FAB and GEAR. Amusing and EFFICIENT and simple. Have a great holiday.

Thanks, Julie

TheNapster, Sep 7 2000

beautiful!!!!!!!!!! now this is a web site! ;-)))

jesus, May 28 2000

I've got to come back and print it. It looks great, thanks

mackenzie, May 3 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: 200
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: none
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: what

Comments: none

Jim (, Apr 24 2000

Good idea about the bases we sell synthetic lines for sport fields. we could install white lines for regular games and yellow lines for your game. Good luck.


matthew polk, Apr 8 2000

Grace, Mar 24 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: ???
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: ???
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: the end?

this is a cool page but you have weird questions for your guestbook...

Tammy ("littlet"), Mar 22 2000

stelios, Mar 17 2000
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: milan-mudarra-narvaez

you're the best of the web. The Guerrau tabs are a revelation. Thanks. Anything on Capirola?

Abby Lapsley, Mar 3 2000
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: just john repeating #9 over and over

The main reason I wanted to look at this site was to find the famous John Lennon Playboy inerview. But to my surprise I found all this info. Thanks!

DW2000, Mar 1 2000,
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: what are you talking about?
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ok

Comments: DW2000 FOR PRESIDENT

Chris McGary, Feb 25 2000
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Milan
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: num-BUH noin'

Comments: The fingerings articles. I teach Adult Education classes for "Beginning Guitar" and "More Guitar" in Bozeman, MT. The intermediate students constantly ask, "How do we know what fingerings to use?" These pages will make interesting discussion. [Let me know what your students think! DS]

Tony O'Malley, Feb 17 2000
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Milan

Your e-mail h-text didn't work. So I'm using the guestbook to say many thanks for your work in making the Mudarra book available for those who have no access to the Chantrelle edition and have had to put up with "improved" transcriptions. [Thanks for pointing out my email bug! It's been like that for 6 months, and you're the first to mention it. Let me know if there's another "complete works" that would be of interest to early plucked string players. DS]

Paul Gabler, Jan 30 2000,
All-time best Scrabble play: i hate games [Oooh, I'm hurt! DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Mudarra, Valderrabano, Milan, de Narvaez, more space please!
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: discovering Ferrari as a composer

Great pages, it all looks so good in theory and in my head, till i take the guitar myself :-( How about some beginners tunes for children? [He's referring to my modern tablature, folks. Don't give up so fast, Paul! It'll only take few more minutes for the tab to sink in. Start with those teeny-tiny rasgueado and punteado Sanz pieces. I dig your Folias site, by the way! DS]

Dennis ("dkitchen"), Jan 21 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: Memory fails.
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: What's a vihuelist?

You're obviously a guy with way too much time on his hands (which is a good thing for the rest of us, because your site is terrific!). I loved the evolution and Fermi paradox stuff (that's all I've read so far). Fwiw, it doesn't seem unreasonable to e that we are one of the first (special?) technological civilizations to emerge. Our sun is pretty old as far as Population I stars go, and Pop I stars are the only ones (aren't they?) with the heavier elements probably necessary for life. Maybe it just takes 4.5 billion years around a Pop I star to cook up a fledgeling spacefaring race. Anyway, thanks for a great site. [My pleasure. Thanks for visiting. DS]

Mark Lapham, Jan 15 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: supercalifragilisticespialadocious [Challenge! DS]
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Cannons [Sorry, wrong war. DS]

Classical guitar fan. Found your site to be very informative and humorous Keep up the GOOD WORK.

Alison Verdi, Jan 11 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: can't remember
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Mudarra (?) He's the only one (?) I know. [Surely you know Luis Milan? DS]
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!! [Your needle must have worn through to the other side of the record. DS]

Hi Don -

I finally have Internet access!!

Loved your discussion about Evolution. I tried to read that page about the Introduction to Evolution and lost patience. Same old crap.


P.S. I still have your Beach Boys CD.

George Warren, Jan 6 2000

[No comments? Oh well, at least I was visited by a guitar world celebrity. I've enjoyed many of your record reviews, George. DS]

Mary Sparks, Jan 4 2000
All-time best Scrabble play: Couldn't beat you! [Only cuz we didn't play enough! DS]

Hi Don. I am running a little doll shop. Now that I'm retired, I finally got time to read your home page. Very diverse and interesting, not to mention controversial. But Maria's story strained my very weak high school Spanish. I could only get bits & pieces. How about an English translation?? Bye for now. Mary

[About Maria's story, I guess you'll just have to wait for the book. DS]

Patrick Grant, Dec 20 1999
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: ;>)
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: "Take this brother, may it serve you well."

Great work. I have wanted to do what you are doing at LC. I recommend "Moonlight Reverie" by David on which he plays 6 by Antonio Lopes, 2 by Justin Holland, 3 by Charles Dorn and some other 19th century composers/arrangers. I have some stuff if you want to trade from your 3000 pages at LC.

erik fokke, Dec 18 1999


I am trying to find good, real baroque guitar music from the times of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). Could you suggest CD's for a radio programme on his painting and the instruments on it?

Sincerely, Erik Fokke

[Great idea for a radio show, Erik! Sorry I'm not too knowledgeable about currently available Baroque guitar recordings. I know they're out there. DS]

Brian Rappe, Dec 2 1999

Comments: A thousand thanks.

Peter Taanman, Nov 23 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: geen idee
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: wat bedoel je?
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ik snap het niet

Nice to see there are more people playing guitar. It's always difficult to find good music to play, so I think it's a good idea to publish this.

Eric Boffemmyer, Nov 12 1999

I am interested in classical guitar. Mostly Segovia and Sor so far, but I'm beginning to find many new resources.

tim scott, Nov 5 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: losing by only five points when my wife
got two seven letter words in one game. [One time I had three 7-letter plays in a row. No brag, just fact. DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: I play viols, so there.

I enjoyed meeting you for a few minutes back last July at LC. I was researching mostly early cello stuff and you gave me copying tips. I just got around to the very excellent page today. By the way, as it is your example, what pieces have you found for cello and guitar that are decent? [The transcriptions of the Diesel pieces for Baroque guitar are nice, although not earth-shattering in any way. Unfortunately, my small collection of music for cello and guitar has not had a chance to get played yet. DS]

d. ("northcut"), Oct 30 1999
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: if .. you become naked

Dig the 60's magazine slice-of-life stuff. Great work. - d.

[d. is referring here to the Beatle mentions dug out of 1960s' magazines. DS]

David Nadal (, Oct 8 1999
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Narvaez

Donald, your enthusiasm is staggering. Thank you! - David

[Mine? What about yours??? I hope you're having a great time with those 5000 pages of guitar music from the Library of Congress. DS]

[Writing in Jun 2001: David has recently edited an excellent guitar anthology called "Easy Classics For The Guitar", published by Dover. It has batch of pieces which I dug out of LC's collection. Visit kithara's web site. DS]

Alex Measday, Sep 29 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: Hom many times
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: do I have to
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: answer these questions? [Until you learn hom to spell, or type. And hommany times do I have to delete your web address from my guestbook??? DS]

I noticed all the "Dumb" examples in your Evolution FAQ are from the WASHINGTON TIMES. That seems to reflect more on the caliber of the newspaper rather than on the evolution arguments. :-) [Ha ha. When you get tired of evasion, you wanna describe hair-to-feathers for us in generation-by-generation steps? DS]

Depending on how the presidential nominations work themselves out, I just might end up voting for you! :-) [He means us, folks. DS]

Phil Henss, Sep 4 1999

After chasing the corporate grail for 38 years I retired and began lessons 18 mos. ago. It's a ball. I play on a 1980 Gianninni from brazil. I've heard that they are not the best but the guitar is so far beyond my ability to play it that I enjoy it anyway. Good web site!

katrina barnett, Aug 17 1999
Jonathan Benoit, Aug 12 1999
Jeff Brown (, Aug 7 1999
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Narvaez

Howdy neighbor! (I live over on Ellerbie Court - phone - 301-459-xxxx) My humble website still under heavy (=slow) construction. I've been playing for about 29 years now. Your proposal for archiving LOC scores is good. Love discussion on fingerings.

Alexandra (, Aug 3 1999


I think your brain twisters are cool, it gave me a head ache though lol anywayz could you send me two more mathematical brain twisters because I really, really need it for my project due on Friday, please reply soon. My pic is there on the URL I typed ok

My thanks.


Pasquale, Aug 1 1999

Complimenti vivissimi per l'interessante sito. I'll surely visit it in all the pages.



Stephen Faulk, July 24 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: telephony off double word
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Myself

Great site,can I ask a serious question? I don't want to come across as some kind of [bleep] in the punch bowl, but can some one help me print out the Mudarra stuff? I have a new fangled PC and I don't know which end the bullets come out. [My advice is to trade it in for a 286. Can anyone help Stephen? DS]

By the way, I have never in my life seen more geeks in one place, can I play? [Which place? Play what? DS]

David Norton, July 22 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: "potamus" added to "hippo"
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Narvaez
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Number ny-in, number ny-in

Hi there,

I always enjoy popping in to this page -- no long-load graphics and plenty intelligent fun.

I see you are in Baltimore enviorns. There's a great luthier who just moved there, Ross Gutmeier. He built me an eight-string in May 99 which is just incredible, knocks the socks off anything else I own including a 95 Ramirez.

Catch you later!


Mike Collins, July 20 1999
Emma Thomlinson, July 13 1999

while in the car with my mother i saw a bright light to my left. it was hovering with very bright lights, when suddenly it disapered. no one believed me when i told them [What about your mother? DS] but i know what it was.

Muphen R. Whitney, Jun 8 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: not fit to print
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Armadillo Guffo
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Reruns of Rev8

How nice of you to come to the Strathmore today. One guitar is a great accompaniment to tea; two is terrific. Tea for two -- guitars?

Pinky, Jun 7 1999

I am looking for a computer game version of the Family Feud Game. [What for??? DS]

melody, June 13 1999

your stories were funny but totally unbeleivable a coffee cup could have come from anywhee [Sure is, innit? DS]

Allen lee, May 30 1999
Andrea, May 6 1999

I was not sure of the Infield Fly Rule...thanks for clearing it up!!!

Marcello, Apr 25 1999

I have read your article on the strings tension and am very interested to this subject...

- do you have some value related to the "average" constant and MPL for steel strings?
- Do you know the values for a "playable" range of tension?
- Value for a breaking point?

[It seems like for nylon and gut strings the playable range of tensions is about 4 to 7 Kg. DS]

Billy Hone, Apr 21 1999


Julia Bridget, Apr 17 1999

I Love This SigHt It's The Grooviest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Lacrosse Lovers/Visitors?

HELLO, P.J. Smith class 4B AS OF '99!!

Srini ("iindian"), Apr 12 1999

I had similar questions. If the universe did start out as a big bang, then isn't there a point (in space) from where it all started. Also, is the universe is expanding, then at some point the edge of the universe should start caving in since it has nothing outside of it to keep it in equilibrium, right??

Agastya, Apr 11 1999

Your page very informative and I think every guitarist should read it as an essential part of his music education. Please write a text book. Waiting for that.

with love from India

Alex "Where's My SWEET APPLE TRACKS, VOL. 2" Measday, Mar 28 1999
My Email: As if you would really E-mail me!
My URL: [As if I would really visit your web site! DS]
All-time best Scrabble play: I've got better things to do...
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: ...than to listen to vihuelists...
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ...or pre-LET IT BE Beatles albums. [Yeah, like try and sneak your web address on one of the web's most-visited pages. DS]

Bill Janes (12/14/98) was lucky: he found your site by mistake. I have no such excuse. When are you going to liven this place up with GIFs and JPEGs? [My site is strictly BYOC(artoons). DS]

The Beatles albums still sound good after all these years, even the early ones. Other bands' albums sound dated. There were a lot of groups back then. Were the Beatles just so much better than all the rest .......... or was George Martin the real talent and force behind their success? [If so, than how come the Decca audition tapes sound better than the first 4 Parlophone albums? DS]

Oh, yeah - Hi, Don! How are you doing? Talk to you later... [And about that Sweet Apple Trax; I tried to give it to you but you were your normal ingrate self. DS]

Marc Demers, Mar 12 1999
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Mudarra
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: When the music stop!

Fine site.

vicki, Mar 1 1999
Christopher Tisdale, Feb 15 1999
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Deffinately Alonso Mudarra

Hello my name is Christopher Tisdale. I am a Concert Classical Guitarist from California... I use a 88' Yamaha Grand Concert guitar... Well this is a nice little site and I just happened to run into it...


David Tazbin, Feb 14 1999

Hey Don - this is Brian Kent's friend, David Tazbin. I helped you and brian move Mr. Kent to Bethesda. Brian is over here - we ordered the De La Hoya fight on cable, and he wanted me to see your wed site. Very impressive! Hope to talk to you soon.

suhail shah, Feb 12 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: brouhaha on a triple word
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Eddie van Halen
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: the revolution part.

what a cool website. The fingering comments were especially relevant. And interesting comments on the masterclasses. why aren't more cg sites as witty? or even faintly humorous, that'll do.



fREDDY, Feb 3 1999

Thank you, for all your work and one day i might be able to understang all your notations 'cause as of know i have a limited music knowlege. [Except for understanding rhythm, the tablature notation doesn't require any musical knowledge. Just put your fingers where it tells you to - and play! DS]

???, 01/18/99

Hi, I appreciated your standard rules for the monopoly game. We have been snowed in alot here is southern Mi. and we dug up the old game, but the rules were missing. We did manage to get thru a couple of games... Thanks again.

Earles L. Mc Caul, Jan 10 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: "none-of-the-above"
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: "Harmonie Universelle"

You asked WHY strings are measured/gauged in diameter rather than MPL...the answer lies in the much easier ability to "simply" check GAUGE (i.e., diameter) rather than measure mass-per-unit-length (MPL). However, I agree with your fundamental argument statement, MPL conveys more meaniful information to the user than just diameter does. [What's so hard about snipping a meter-length of string and throwing it on a postal scale or triple-beam balance? DS]

Also, I, too, raised the question about "equal tension" string sets over two years ago with D'Addario, and their response was "we're working on it..." but, so far, nothing seems to have been produced. A constant tension set of strings would CERTAINLY help maintain neck alignment and lessen warping in humid weather!

Aeriell, Jan 9 1999

Hello! I checked out your Monopoly page. It was very interesting.

Have a happy new year!

Pam ("PamelaMc", "pammipoo"), Jan 7 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: Getting the X on a triple score with the word

I love your section about vanity plates - that's hilarious! The best ones I've seen are: a green cadillac with the plates "way2live" and then a mercedes roadster with a bleached-out blonde bimbette behind the wheel, bearing the plate "was his." HAHA! Keep it up, man! [What was the X-word??? Don't keep me in suspense, pammipoo!!! DS]

Peter, Jan 6 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: quartz, tws
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: sorry, I came in late........
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ....block that kick...... [Good answer! I may eventually devote a web page to "hold that line, block that kick!". DS]

I enjoyed your work/articles. Perhaps you would like Mr. Cumpianos work.

Bill, Jan 1 1999
All-time best Scrabble play: favorite (180 points)

I liked your Scrabble page. I'm just starting club and tournament play. I hate having to learn the "non-words" that make up a huge part of the tournament game just to be competitive. [Thanks, Bill. It's nice to find a soul-mate to commiserate with. DS]

Brandi Gehling, Dec 21 1998
Eddie Feigner, Dec 19 1998,

Just browsing the net. You mentioned a softball game to be played with fewer players. I have been doing this for 53 years worldwide. It has seemed to work for me but I would not suggest it for just anyone. [I would. DS]

This 1999-2000 Worldwide Tour will be the LAST CHANCE to see our show. If you or you know of anyone who would be interested in seeing YOUR concept of this game. We have simple steps and terms to book a show with us and the organization that brings us in will be able to raise funds for their cause and be able to see a family show that brings laughter and humor to this game.

Since this will be my last tour dates are filling up fast. Ticket Sales go even faster because this will be my last tour. Email or call me at 619-561-0377.

Eddie Feigner - The King

[Thanks for stopping by, Eddie! You are my most famous guest so far. (I've extended personal invitations to astronaut Alan Bean and political figures Sharon Pratt Kelly and Lani Guinier, but so far not a peep.) By the way, my small-team softball suggestion does not depend on a strike-out artist pitcher. DS]

Bruce Smith, Dec 18 1998
All-time best Scrabble play: ????
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: You tell me
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: I had better leave that one alone....

Comments: Too many to list here.

Bill Janes (, Dec 14 1998,
All-time best Scrabble play: Mississippi, with more bonuses than I'd care to count! [I believe this. DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: ???
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ??? again...

Your page overviewing the Fermi Paradox has been extremely helpful to me. I am working on a high school astrophysics prgect detailing the Drake Equation. I found your page, quite honestly by mistake, and have since made it's topic my main area of study. Thank you for all of your information. I'm not sure that the provided URL will direct you to the finished product for this particular project, but if you'd like, that can be provided. Thank you again for this abundance of information.

Petr Tuma, Dec 4 1998
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Milan

Comments: Thanks

Valeri ("brovko"), Nov 27 1998

Russian famous guitarist offer treatments of Russian folk-songs for one, two or trhree guitars. format: midi, music (Finale3.7) tab. , gtr. (Gt.-pro)

Merrielle Bronw, Nov 25 1998

Thanks for all the info about modern vs. old tablature. All your notes and songs in modern notation are of great value!

Randy Merris, Nov 21 1998

Very interesting. I am trying to figure out the strings for my cittern. 10 string in 5 pairs; pairs tuned in unison. 23.75 inches, nut to bridge. I want to tune (starting with lowest tone) CGDAE. Can you recommend string gauges? I sure would be appreciative! [Spend a little more time with my page. String gauge is not meaningful; mass per unit length is. DS]

Nana Yaw Ofori, Nov 21 1998
All-time best Scrabble play: QUIXOTIC
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Gregory O'Toole
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The Iridescent Brethren of the Ebon Night

Re: The Wine in the Water problem.

Contrary to what you claim, the way you present the problem directly implies that The size of the buckets are not relevant to the answer. By not specifying the size of the buckets, yet asking for a single answer "Is there more wine in the water or more water in the wine?" implies that the answer will be the same whether the buckets are a cup in size each, or large enough to hold Europa. [No, maybe I am a sloppy question-asker; or maybe the answerer thinks there could be different answers depending on different configurations. DS]

If you wanted to give the impression that the bucket size did matter, then you might rephrase the question to "How big do the buckets have to be before there's more wine in the water than water in the wine?" [The question has tripped up enough people in its original form. DS]

Roko, Nov 16 1998
David Gauthier, Nov 16 1998
All-time best Scrabble play: 'quickest', triple word, 120-something points
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Billy Joel
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Jeff Gordon winning the Pepsi 400

I like your monopoly page, especially the chart of costs of houses and hotels, makes it a lot easier to do math quickly. Your first house rule, though, actually is a little known rule already. "The Monopoly Companion" says that you have until the player AFTER the next player rolls to collect. ie: player B lands on player A's property; player C then rolls, player A can still collect before player D rolls. Hope that helps. Otherwise, great page. [Thanks, David. I see you're right, and I've edited the page. I do wonder if the rule you describe came about "recently", like with the 1973 edition of the rules. I don't know of anyone playing that way when I was growing up. DS]

Phil Burney, Nov 9 1998

Needed info. on Fermi paradox. Thanks! Check out your Beatle's knowlwdge later. [Keep checking back. I've probably got 50 Beatles pages to put up - so many that I can hardly face it. DS]

Berlin045, Nov 6 1998
All-time best Scrabble play: LENNON
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: EL Catoria
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The middle....

Comments: I'm a BeaTles fan....<grin>....'nuff said.

Leonard Williams, Nov 5 1998
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: "Sit you down, Father, rest you." [Excellent moment; wrong tune. DS]

I latched onto your site via the lute-net: I came lookin' for some tab. I like your choice of contents.

James, Oct 26 1998
Gregory Fager, Oct 19 1998

I have sent you a message about the theory I have that helps disprove the Big Bang.

Betty Bearden, Oct 8 1998
Dave Durrett, Oct 7 1998
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Frankus Zappacus in Dm9.

Comments: Thank you.

Jay Juan, Sep 27 1998
All-time best Scrabble play: 0?
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Anonymous de la Espanola


That string gauge calculation is really crazy ! Can you demonstrate how Jad did his "impressive" pizzicado at the next WGS meeting? I wish you still remember how to do it. Hey.. You have a very interesting web site here. I enjoyed it !


[Sorry, Jay, I can't demonstrate it now (and couldn't demonstrate it then.) Snag Jad the next time he's in town. DS]

Brandon Hochheiser, Sep 27 1998, My Email: Not yet
All-time best Scrabble play: Not yet
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Huh? What? How?
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Explain, please! [Just a groovy tune from the '60s, Brandon. DS]

Can you make a kids' page for your web browsing nephew? [Look a little harder, Brandon. There's all kinds of neat stuff for kids - ufos, license plates, softball, the complete works of Alonso Mudarra for vihuela... sheesh. Donald]

Sister Di, Sep 26 1998

Donald,clever and lighthearted but serious. Good. I'm almost afraid I'll get to know you better than in person. [You sure we know each other? I remember a sister named Diane. Be careful with nicknames - you know what happens to people named "Di"...]

marcel legendre, 20Sep98
Gerry McColl, 20Sep98

Great stuff! Keep it up. I intend to transcribe the Mozart(?) pieces in manuscript as I am trying to persuade my students to read MUSIC! [I'm all for that - go for it! DS]

Larry Bacon, 18Sep98

The Tsunami Page of Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis.

Some years ago I formed a theory that might be another version of the "tired light theory". This however should be relatively easy to reconcile by studying and possibly modifying existing wave theory. Would you be interested in joining me in formulating a hypothesis? [Let's hear it! DS]

George Wright ("pringle"), 16Sep98

I enjoy your page. I'm a novice guitar player interested in purchasing a classical guitar. I love the sound of classical guitar and like using it for many types of music, with a limited menu being a beginner...

George Wright

Roy Brewer ("allegro"), 9Sep98
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Sanz

[Regarding the Campion tablature...] A meticulously prepared, delightful and generous offering, with excellent notes and guidance. Many thanks. Roy

C. Hickey ("clh77chevy"), 7Sep98

we have a series of personalized plates in my family, like LH WIFE and JM WIFE, the first two letters being their husband's initials. [Yikes. DS]

Toby W, 4Sep98

Interesting site. I don't know if there is any "tablature vs standard notation" debate really. [Sure is. My page was born of a nasty fight in Check Dejanews. DS] It depends what you're brought up on. Personally, I learned standard notation from the age of 5 and I can sight-read it much more easily than tab [What about Campion pieces in wild tunings? DS]... but I know people find tab easier. One thing to bear in mind is that standard notation allows musical analysis, it also means you can play and arrange music written for other instruments, and other musicians can play your music. But tab is probably easier to read. In my opinion, all tab should be accompanied by standard notation anyway. So there you go...

andrew, 31Aug98

[andrew who? DS]

robert cusin ("xenophon"), 24Aug98

I'm just browzing

Zapadu, 7Aug98 -

[Some good stories at that site. DS]

Bobby Jones, 30Jul98

Good ideas you have. I still think we should keep kickoffs though. They get paid enough, they should have to do something dangerous right???

Paul Qualtieri ("skycrew"), 27Jul98
All-time best Scrabble play: Lost to the ages.

I've been playing guitar only 4 weeks, so much of your information was beyond me; I hope 44 is not too old to learn the guitar. [Certainly not! DS] The section on fingering notation was interesting, though still a little past where I'm at. Do you have an annotated piece of music I might get as an example? [I'd be glad to help. Look at my page again for what you should send me. DS]

Michael Echo, 25Jul98 -

Your page certainly contributes to the overall discussion. We all need to think of a different approach and paradigms regarding life in the universe (LITU). The SETI-LITU issue has been stuck in the big science rut. Small science is what will lead to great leaps.

Carry on ..

Derek Mathis, 19Jul98
All-time best Scrabble play: "ghostodull" or "fidisox," both bogus of course. [Pfui on them words. DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: This is a tough one: if I would have to make a judgement on the best composer, I would say Narvaez; however, I think Milan, as the first to publish works for the Vihuella, is one of the most original and pioneering composers, not just among the vihuellists, but among all composers of his generation.
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Does anybody remember that, back in the late 60s and early 70s, that there was supposed to be an upcoming "revolution"? I thought people were serious; now, however, I wonder. Whatever happened to "the revolution."

Thanks for this resource. By the way -- any plans of doing the vihuela/vocal works of Mudarra? I would really appreciate an intabulation of "Triste estaua el rey David." Thanks again. You've really done some of us a great service! [You're welcome. No plans to do the vocal works, besides I can't decipher the music notation! DS]

Petitjean, 10Jun98
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Narvaez
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: ????

Thank you for your work transcribing those interesting pieces! I enjoy them... [Work?, play?... who's to say? DS]

Michael Graham, 9Jul98
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Luys Milan

Hi, I just downloaded your complete works of Mudarra (many many thanks). Hitherto, I only had Fantasia X (a grand piece). I am newish Lute player but I am very fond of Vihuela - suits my 7 course Lute. Good lute music is hard to get in Tasmania as I m the only Lute player I know.

You have done a nice job with your page. Information rather than boring slow graphics. [You forgot annoying, stupid, worthless, horrible-looking... DS] I like it.

Have you ever considered using Fronimo to type set Tablature? That is the one I use. tis good. [I wrote a program to generate tablature to my liking. Then I made big modifications to that to generate ascii tab suitable for putting up on the web. DS]

Thanks again. Mike.

John O'Shea ("Doc Jul"), 8Jul98
All-time best Scrabble play: Don't
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Julan Bream
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: when there are several loud bangs and... [Sorry, John, I had to cut you short there. DS]
John Ousley, 4Jun98
Nicholas Clarke, 3Jun98 -

All-time best Scrabble play: knop [Means knob, dear reader. DS]

I run The Bold Strummer Ltd, publishers of books about the guitar. You have a nice home page. Mine is currently being overhauled, painted, scraped, burnished and whatever else. SHould be available in about two weeks. Bye for now.

Nick [Hi Nick. We met at a guitar festival once. I have your book of guitar cartoons. "Look, Darling, baby's first string!" hee hee. DS]

Mary ("VVVFF"), 2Jun98

Never read your thoughts about evolution before. Guess great minds run in our family ;-) I read ISHMAEL, since my favorite band, Pearl Jam had a poster contest, and I love to 'get inside their minds'. Funny, the book talked about the MYTHS society tells us...that we believe without question. YET, the book holds The Theory of Evolution up as absolute. Interesting book...though I don't subscribe to the Theory of Evolution...which will always be only a theory, since Scientific Method requires Direct Observation. Funny...scientists thought the layers of silt found on the earth meant the worldwas so many billions of years old...yet the same effect was noticed after Mt.St.Helena erupted...

L'Angelo Misterioso, 28May98 -

All-time best Scrabble play: You disputed it
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Pedro Townsend (smashed his)
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Yoko sneezing

OUR DIRECTOR MARCH? Your brow is hitting the floor. You probably like the Monkees too ... [Probably??? DS]

Regarding Fermi's Paradox: why are you always so surprised when you find out your brilliant ideas have already been thought of (e.g., Tired Light, etc.)? [All I can figure is that there's some sort of conspiracy to stonewall brilliant ideas. DS] If you hadn't been so busy rolling on the floor laughing about the Big Bang Theory [he means during my review after my first year of graduate school in front of the astronomy faculty. How should I know they actually believed it??? DS], you might haveactually learned something in your physics and astronomy classes...

Polar Bear, 28May98

I saw your Monopoly page...and I loved it. Your anecdotes were quite humourous...thank you for supporting Monopoly

Polar Bear (Monopoly fiend)

Mats Persson, 26May98

Read your angry letter to USPS, good of you not to talk bad of the "small people" that are trying!

WILLIS, 26May98
All-time best Scrabble play: xanthippa, I was called on that one
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Luys de Narvaez


Verdell Finnamore, 23May98
All-time best Scrabble play: eh? [That's what I hate about Scrabble - the dumb 2-letter words are the killers. DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Luis [Well that narrows it down...]
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Cranberry Sauce [Miss 'im, miss 'im.]

Just discovered you...emediate fan

rooster armstrong, 16May98

been playing for forty years and i say tab is ok but if you really love what you want to learn dont play; first, listen first, when it`s in your head, your hands will find it [But that limits you to what others have played and recorded. Reading music and tablature gives you access to the whole darn iceberg. DS]

Dr. L. H. Dickert, Jr., 15May98

cool site. Enjoyable and informative.

Robin Thomson, 13May98
All-time best Scrabble play: Prefer bridge [Nah, too much thinking! DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Narvaez
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The end

Nice warm fuzzy feel to the site!!?

Matthew Roberts, 11May98
All-time best Scrabble play: huh?
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: what?
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: duh!

Great table, for houses and hotels. [He means Monopoly, folks. DS]

Dawn Risi, 5May98
All-time best Scrabble play: years ago
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: OK, I know what this is, but it wasn't one of my favorites!
[???], 4May98

read your tab comments. I agree wholeheartedly, except I like tab through the line and with the rtyhm staves attached to the numbers. I have tabbed 100's of classical pieces. It's much easier to sight read than standard notation.

Bill Sauter, 3May98

Just got on the web, was curious, found your page. You're one strange puppy, we must be related.

Ennis Parker, 1May98
Goce, 30Apr98

Great page!!!!

Frances, 29Apr98


I'm just searching for a brownie recipe, but I think I'm kind of a fool to lost in your page. Anyway,it's coll but so many lettrs on your page. so hard for non English speaker like me. If you kind enough and happen to have REAL brownie rescipe, please put it on your page.


A girl from Thailand.

[Hi Frances. I once found and put a link here to an index of dozens of brownie recipes, but it has gone defunct. I'm sure there are thriving brownie sites out there. And no matter what the recipe says, remember to add raisins! DS]

Sharon, 22Apr98 - ALEC1725

Hey Don, this is Sharon Files. Cool page. Bye!!!

Rick B., 21Apr98
Unarchists Party of Santa Cruz now forming. Stay tuned. Great site. Especially for a Libertarian classical guitarist.
Jeroen, 20Apr98

Great stuff on this page !! Ill' put it on my links page next update

Carlos Garcia ("mangore"), 20Apr98
Great stuff,keep charging foreward. [Based on the email handle, I assume you're referring mostly to my guitar pages? DS]
viviana, 15Apr98
Amir, 4Apr98
You are great people
kresimir karas, 1Apr98
Bob Wysong, 30Mar98
Hi Don, Just checking out your web page. Bob
Michael Stitt, 20Mar98

I have added your complete Aguado Editions to my Aguado Page. Regards, MS.

Mary Sparks, 9Mar98

Hi Don. Surprise. I finally had a free moment to search for your home page. And all I can say is "wow". It's incredible. I have not been able to read all of your page tonight...

No wonder you received some notice from the general public!! Bye for now. Mary

Marlene, 19Feb98 2:22 pm [It's about time!]
All-time best Scrabble play: None [All of them equally great, huh?]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: What? [Ask Lillian.]
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: What? [Ask Stephanie.]

You really should stop thinking so much. Of course, I know you won't because you probably would cut off your life's breath if you didn't ponder everything. Besides we love you just the way you are.

Nathan Kelly, 14Feb98

Thanks for info!

Stewart Spink, 25Jan98
David Chimienti, 24Jan98
john beam, 11Jan98
stephen funk pearson, Christmas Day, 1997

Thanks for the mention. [Thanks for visiting. (Stephen Funk Pearson - I'm not sure which name(s) to omit when trying to sound familiar or concise - writes really neat guitar pieces.) DS]

Sharon and John in OR, 24Dec97
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Carulli

Merry Christmas Donald. This is my first web experience, with lots of help. Sharon

Magic Alex, 22Dec97
All-time best Scrabble play: Video game? [Video, shmideo. DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Plant, animal, or mineral?

Interesting page, "The Human Race is Special". I must question your oft-repeated premise, "if evolution is inexorable". You seem to be using "evolution" in the common, but mistaken, sense of "progress". As described in Stephen Jay Gould's recent book, FULL HOUSE, studies have found no trends towards increasing complexity ("progress") in evolution. [Make me laugh. DS] The human race *is* special [That's what I said. DS]; in Gould's view, it is pretty much an accident. [Well that explains everything. DS]

Bob Lundegaard, 17Dec97

Reading your comments about the sad state of Scrabble was like wandering in a foreign land for years and suddenly stumbling on a compatriot. To introduce myself, I gave up tournament Scrabble shortly after participating in the Vegas Tournament of Champions... despite a 1950 rating. [See the rest of Bob's interesting comments at the end of my scrabble page. DS]

Mary Files ("VVVFF"), 13Dec97
All-time best Scrabble play: 1972
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The Russian one?

I am not smart enough for this web page, but I had fun looking around. Loved the quotes and the license plates. One of my co-workers had a license plate I thought was cute. Her last name started with "On". Her plate said "On N On".

Thanks for your help!! See ya on Turkey Day. :-)

Sharonna Mccutchen, 9Dec97
Big Jeff Bauer ("cerveza", "mexicanbeer"), 9Dec97
All-time best Scrabble play: Schutzstaffel
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Corona
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Number 9...Number 9...Number 9...

Hey, where is that keg I left here when we last played that monopoly game.....I know its around here....

Kelly Holmes, 7Dec97 -

Great Scrabble discussion...keep up the good work. :) Check out my "Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrabble Site" sometime!

Magic Alex, 3Dec97
All-time best Scrabble play: You didn't believe me the first time, why should I tell you again?

Obligatory compliment: great pages. No, seriously!

Bev Ross, 14Oct97
My URL: None yet--no excuse
My Email: varies
All-time best Scrabble play: DareIsayIdon'tplay.
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: I love them all.
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Gawd, it's been so long ago...

Don, when are you going to put the Washington Guitar Society newsletter on your web site? [There are 99 reasons. Number 1: I can't. My dinosaur wouldn't know what to do with the output of that new-fangled desktop publisher. The other 98 don't matter. DS]

Lisa Murphy, 6Oct97
My URL: http://idon'thaveone.sorry
All-time best Scrabble play: 95 - used the word vihuelist. [Me too!!!]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Pedro Finkelstein
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The 7th Number 9. [Ahhh... gorgeous, yes.]

I flex my cranial muscle in your direction. [(yowch.)]

David Schwartz, 29Sep97
All-time best Scrabble play: ask my wife
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Polly Bergen
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: the watusi

Success! Ha! I feel like a man again! [David found this site while researching unarchy. Yeah! DS]

[P.S. Brenda rules. DS]

Matt Mossburg, 27Sep97
All-time best Scrabble play: 112
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Estas una fruta.
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: When everyone dies! [Sure you have the right song? DS]

Great page. Unarchy has made me think. Had never thought about Unarchy until now. I used to think anarchy was the way but now it's Unarchy. [A great moment in the annals of unarchy! My first-ever convert! (What's wrong with you, Matt?) DS]

Magic Alex, 23Sep97 16:36:37 [Greece time?]

All-time best Scrabble play: 115 [You lie! DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Gabriel de Murzia (17th C?) [You and everybody else. Think for yourself, man. DS]
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: Forwards or backwards?

Great pages! What are the ramifications of combining 2 or 4 raisins with 1 M&M (see your Brownie page)? [I wouldn't try it, man. DS]

Maxwell P. Bumtrinket ("anarch"), 09/19/97
All-time best Scrabble play: 85 points. [What was the word??? DS]
Favorite 16th C. Spanish vihuelist: Huh?
Favorite moment in Revolution 9: The part where it ends.

So many porcupines, so little time...


[What's it feel like, Maxwell, to be the very first signer of my guestbook? DS]


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