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How to Eat Mixed Vegetables

The secret to enjoying mixed vegetables is - unmix them! It's easier than it sounds and it's like having five side dishes on your plate at once. It helps to slow down guzzlers, but not so much that the corn gets cold.

1. Start with the lima beans while they're piping hot.

2. Then the green beans, which are eminently jabbable.

3. Carrots - though small, their flat sides and soft texture make them easy to stick. (See Note 1.)

4. Peas. Some of them squash, but you can usually get two or three on a fork.

5. Lastly, corn. It's last because it's the hardest to stab, and now you don't have to. Corn mixes with other vegetables the poorest of all, but it won't matter if there's a little carrot shrapnel and pea guts mixed in.

If this doesn't win me a Nobel Prize, I give up.



Note 1. Peas and carrots may actually make an acceptable combination. You may experiment with that at this point.


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