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Hi old friend!

Doing a little ego-surfing, eh? You've just stumbled on Donald Sauter's Web site while looking for your own name. How are you doing? Leave a short note or your life story - anything!

Donald Sauter

P.S. The following list is by no means complete. Don't feel slighted if your name's not here. I whipped it up one afternoon, and accessing the old memory banks has never been my strongest suit.

Friends dating from elementary school, Featherbed Lane Elementary, in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Jack Dean (a.k.a. Teeny Weeny Beany Brain.) Michael Tolson [a.k.a. Tinsel Toes then, now formally tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, (tENT for short). Thanks for being the first to stumble on this page! Nov 2000. The web works!] Leo Wurmer. Leo Wurmers (a.k.a. Worm. Hurry up and get in touch, if only so I can put you in touch with tENT/Tinsel Toes.) Ronald Hidey, Ron Hidey [You say you stumbled into Tom Hubbard's dentist office in Catonsville. Tom says he never did dentistry in Maryland. ???] Michael Chisholm. John McClernan. Charles Cross. Donald Blocher. Eldon Ichyama (That was so amazing, bringing back real lava from a real volcano in Hawaii!) Steve Auerbach. Steven Auerbach. Larry Hewitt. Lawrence Hewitt. Stephany Good (I am forever grateful you didn't blab to the whole class the time you caught my cub scout pack underwear-swimming while riding your horse in the woods. I would've died.) Eileen Geiman (We've almost crossed paths in recent years.) Pamela Mansfield (We did cross paths in Reiblich's country store once, remember? Sorry I was too shy to say hi.) Cathy Samakouris (Still creating? The construction paper chains you pasted to your face and ears that day was brilliant! Why did the teacher explode? Who knows, who knows...) [Thanks for finding my page, Cathy! Apr 2006. Sorry about the purple hair, but I guess burgundy will do.] Susan Kraus. Michael Brusko (I'll put you in touch with Stephany.)

Friends dating from junior high school, Johnnycake Junior High, in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Michael Rogers, Mike Rogers. Ronald Blizzard, Ron Blizzard. Thomas Hubbard, Tom Hubbard [Thanks for the nice, long - I mean long - phone chat, summer 2004.] Michael Foor, Mike Foor. Alan McAllister. Linda Reeser. Elizabeth AnnE Davidson, a.k.a. Beth [Nice to hear from Mike and you! Oct 2001] Barbara Criddle. Lester Arengo (I still have Wanted's single, and have played it for friends. In the do-it-yourself-cd-age people won't remember what a big deal it used to be to get a record out.) Anita Corsa. Karen Crozier. Donna Diseroad. Lois Fish. John Geohegan. Sue Goertemiller. Richard Hart, Dick Hart. Brian Heil. Mark Holloman. Lavon Pierson. Susan Seghers, Sue Seghers. Thomas Shafer, Tom Shafer. Paul Sybor. Kendall White, Candy White.

Favorite teachers. Nancy Cox, English. George Spencer Lieske, Mathematics. G. Spencer Lieske. [It was great getting in touch again, starting with your surprise retirement party, summer 2004.]

Friends dating from high school, Woodlawn Senior High, in Woodlawn, Maryland.

(New friends at high school? I was lost at sea when our junior high school class/family was broken up.) Susan Walter, Sue Walter. Debbie Taylor, Deborah Taylor (You know my sister-in-law. Remember our encounter in Hecht's at Christmas one year? You were with your mom. I was too shy to even say hi, as always.)

Friends dating from college, Drexel University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ronald Takemoto, Ron Takemoto (Have you noticed Takemoto is a hundred dollar word?) Joseph Marinelli, Joe Marinelli. Stephen Paolucci, Steve Paolucci. Dennis deTurck, Dennis de Turck? (I think it's one word.) Karen Kane, Karen Ann Kane, Karen Miller, Karen Ann Miller (Find yourself in my monopoly web page.) Tim Kelly, Timothy Kelly.

Friends from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Joe Greenberg, Joseph Greenberg [The second to be snagged by this page, Sep 2001, although it was his girlfriend searching for his name.] Steve Hirsch, Stephen Hirsch (Hirsh?). Ted Davis, Edward Davis ["Rabbit", or maybe I can catch you searching on "ralph vaughan williams". Ha! Caught you searching for Steve Hirsch above. I read your gripping saga of the modern Jonah. Hey, have you read any of my evolution or "human race is special" pages? I'd be dangerous if I had your facility for words.] David Steigerwald, Dave Steigerwald. Lee Garvin, Nivrag Eel (If that doesn't get you, maybe "rubrex blech" will.) Steve Bergen, Steven Bergen. Dr. Bob Brown, Dr. Robert L. Brown. Dr. W. B. Burton, Dr. William Butler Burton (I think.) Dr. G. L. Verschuur, Dr. Garrett L. Verschuur. Dr. Richard Sramek, Dr. Dick Sramek.

Friends from Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico.

Keith ? (from southern California.) Barbara Ann Burns. Dr. Donald B. Campbell.

A pen friend

Ewa Skowron, Warszawa, Poland, John and Yoko fan. What happened to you???


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