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109 Gordon Place
Dover, Delaware 19901

A few of the tasks for which I am vastly over-qualified:

1. President of the United States.

The simplest thing here. I could do it in my spare time. The secret: pure, simple, basic, direct democracy. "And if elected, every presidential action will be in accord with majority will. Period." Put another way, every presidential action will be based on the total, combined brain power applied to every issue. But, if you don't trust your own intelligence, don't vote for me.

2. Supreme Court justice.

Similar idea to No. 1, except that a single Supreme Court judge is just a pawn in the game, and no changes can be guaranteed, or expected, even. Still, having one Supreme Court judge acting as a conduit for majority will on every issue will clearly and instantly show how right or wrong the court's final ruling was. (This will put thousands of Op-Ed writers out of work, but nothing's perfect.)

3. Scrabble savior.

Have already converted Scrabble from the world's most vapid connect-the-dots-with-silly-little-scrabble-words exercise into the most exciting and exhilarating vocabulary-based word game ever conceived. All we need is for someone to get it in front of the word-loving masses.

4. Education: Will vault your public school system into No. 1 in the nation.

The magic bullet? Teach them something! The something? Basic math mastery for all students, no matter how long it takes. Why math? Because nothing is more easily teachable; because there's only one brain in there, and if you can get it working on something, anything, it will work better on everything else; because math and logical thinking are intimately bound up; because basic math is more than enough for most of the population; because basic math forms the foundation for higher math; because basic math pops up regularly in everyday life; because a facility with math is inestimably more valuable in opening up career opportunities than it is everyday life, even.

5. A Justice System that delivers justice.

For the first time anywhere...

What on earth could be simpler? -- a justice system based on the common sense and conscience of everyone forming the society. On my web site, I give it a tentative name, unarchy. The "one rule" is succinctly stated in Hillel's turned-around form of the Golden Rule: "That which is hateful to you, do not impose on others."

We can have it now, or they can dig it out of centuries down the line. Understand that unarchy is the absolute foundation on which Numbers 1 and 2 above are based. Once it is implemented, and everyone constrained to treating everyone else fairly, the rest of government becomes superfluous.


*** Background ***

In lieu of a bunch of irrelevant, ancient history, look over my web site to form a better idea of who and what I am. There are a hundred and one other little (or not so) things I have to offer the world, from campaigning for a simple, universal second language (which has never been attempted), to fixing football rules so we don't have to wait until the last couple of minutes for the teams to wake up and start playing.


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