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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words

"Childhood Memories"

I was born on a plantation on the Potomac River near D.C. Plantation owners were the movers and shakers of the country in those days. The upper crust. My father said that he had signed the Decla. of Ind. I thought: What the heck is the Dec of Ind. But children were taught to be seen and not heard so I never found out. The plantation to the south of ours was owned by Martha & George. Never knew their last name either. George cut down a cherry tree when he was little and he thought he had ended cherries forever. That was his big hang-up. They named their plantation Mt. Vernon. The plant. to the north of us was owned by Tom Jefferson and his Mrs. And it was named Monticello.

1 day my father was approached by Samuel Morse. He had invented a machine that could send a sound from 1 city to another. He wanted my father to find a way to make this useful. My father said: Let's make it so we send messages back & forth. So he got a paper out and he made this system where each letter in the alphabet had a system of dots & dashes. And he handed it to Mr. Morse. Later it became known as the Morse code. It should have been the Sauter Code. That did not bother Daddy.

Then one time a man named Alexan Graham Bell came to see my Dad. He was inventing this system of talking to one another over a wire system. Mr. Bell wanted my father to receive the first phone call. So they made arrangements to do this in a couple days. So one day the phone rang and it was Mr. Bell and his first words he said was: What hath God wrought? My father answered: Mr. Bell if you don't know what God has wrought, we're in trouble.

The plantation owners were a distinguished bunch. Their posture and carriage was like royalty. And those balls they had! See, they controlled the government. And when a big company wanted a law passed, they would see the planters. Companies like Gen Motors, Ford, Martin Marrieta, Boeing, Dupont were all clients. They would deliver the laws along with a shopping bag full of cash to each Plan. owner. And those laws passed too. Very much like politics of today.

One day Abe Lincoln who wasn't in the clique freed the farm workers. So my Dad gathered his workers together and told them they were free to leave. The workers all yelled: Leave my foot, you know we'd starve to death in the real world. We're staying put. Dad said: That's nice that you all are staying and they all lived happily ever after.


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