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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words

"A New Year's day to forget"

This happened about 28 years ago. It was New Years morning and my good neighbor & friend Tommy Cavey had walked over & we were in my backyard talking. When Tommy was short of money, he would bring a tool for me to buy and he was free to buy it back whenever he wanted. This time he had a chain saw & wanted $45 for it. A sensible price. Sort of like a pawn shop without interest.

We were doing small talk and I said Tommy, I have never felt this good on New Years Day. Because usually I'm worn out from the night before. Our visit was soon over when Tommy got the money.

An hour later, I suddenly discovered I was bleeding internally and I'm getting weaker & weaker. Jane took me to Balto. Co. General hospital now Northwest Hosp. There was no waiting in the Em. Room and the doctor was trying to put a tube up my nose but it was too big in diameter. Well it felt so bad, I told him to just let me die. He was a foreigner. And he said "Dot ish Not Hospital Policy." So he took the smaller tube and the nurse said: Take this crushed ice & when he pushes on the tube keep swallowing.

So now the tube went down into the tummy which is now being pumped out. The bleeding continued for a couple days and I could see the blood coming through the tube.

Then one night, I noticed the blood had stopped.

The next day my daughter and son in law from Virginia came to visit and I told them the bleeding had stopped. They said When did it stop? I said around 9 O'clock last night. They said That's just the time your Granddaughter Debby asked The Lord to make your bleeding stop in our prayer time. Debbie was 3 years old at the time.

They kept me in the hospital 14 days trying to find the source of bleeding. I had used 6 pints of blood. There were no ulcers. I've had this problem at least one other time, but no reason could be found.


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Written Jan 2012. Time frame of story approx. 2012 - 28 = 1984.

P.S. Benton never cavorted in any fashion whatsoever to celebrate New Year's. He was pulling your leg.