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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words

Things I remember about farm life

1. Blackberries, huckleberries growing wild.

2. A calf being born. Then the mother turning around and licking the calf vigorously for a minute or so and then the calf getting up and nursing that first milk, which is so nourishing. It is called colostrum.

3. A litter of little pigs nursing.

Ben and piglet.

4. Gathering eggs out of the hen house.

5. Wisteria, lilacs, honeysuckle, roses.

6. Putting a ring in a bull's nose.

7. Picking strawberries.

8. Growing silver queen.

9. Driving the farm truck at 12 yrs.

10. " so wrecklessly that my mother said simply: You're gonna kill yourself.

11. Driving the horses from on top of a high load of loose hay and seeing their muscles ripple as they pulled the wagon out of the field and into the barn.


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Helpful keywords not in the main text: silver queen corn (the first variety of corn that did not have a one-hour time limit from the field to the dinner table for full flavor.)