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Ben Sauter, a character, in his own words


I started dating at 25. I wanted to be established in life first. And I was. I was the village Janitor. Paid by the county. It was an easy job, sweeping the side walks and picking up behind the houses. One block long.

My worldly goods were a horse and a beagle dog. We were usually very close to each other. I would let the horse graze on the highest lawn. I taught the dog which garbage cans to knock over.

My dog never got shots for various modern dog sicknesses. The only shots he got was when a home owner saw him digging in a flower or vegetable garden.

This village was so quaint. Everybody knew each other. It had all the essentials. The barber also took care of all the dental work.

Back to dating...

For me, a girl had to have a car and go dutch treat.

One day while sweeping, a local girl came along and we talked a little while. I asked if I could call on her Saturday night. She said O.K.

I am writing this in the Bentonean manner. So you'll look for some lines to be repeated now and then.

So Saturday came along and I went to the girl's house. Her name was Betty Grable. She answered the door and we exchanged greetings.

Betty said, What do you have planned for tonight? I said I thought we could go roller skating. She said: Roller skating, you got to be kidding. If I fell and scratched my legs my curriar would be over. Get lost kreep. Slam.

The next girl I lined up was a local named Rita Hayworth.

Saturday night came and I rapped on Rita's door and we greeted each other. She said, What have you planned for this evening? I thought maybe we could take in an Oriole game. She said: You gotta be kidding! Suppose a foul ball came along and hit me in the head. My carrear would be over. Get lost, creep. Slam.

The next girl I lined up for Saturday night was Linda Darnell. I went to her house and we greeted each other and Linda said: What did you have planned for this evening? I said: Let's go down to Maryland Beach on the Chesapeake. She said: You gotta be kidding. If those jelly fish stung me on my legs and belly, my career would be over. Get lost creep. Slam.

All in all, I considered my dating life quite interesting. And would gladly like to start it again.

But not with local girls.

By the way, what is a carear?


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